i’m always saying that i wish i played music because at least music is something people are willing to spend money on. music goes viral. essays do not. but maybe spoken word essays. i need to get better at video.

buskers are allowed two hours without a permit and that’s great if you play an instrument. but what if i make the typewriter into an instrument? quarter page pieces of paper and just start writing. take requests or prompts or words if people want. everything by donation, just like a busker. it does, however, require people to stop a little longer than they usually do. people give money to buskers because they enjoy the music before they reach them and after, too. but poetry, written poetry, must be read. you have to take your time. you can’t just pass it by. well, i suppose street art is similar to music, but you can’t get paid for it in the same way. i wonder what the reaction would be to a full desk set up on the waterfront almost like performance art, and then they could pay for the show, as well as the writing.