Willie Stratton and band, True North, at Casino Nova Scotia, May 25 2012

If I had known this was going to turn out so good, I would have kept the camera rolling to the end of the song. A lot of people say about a lot of bands that you have to see them live. That no recording can capture what happens at a show. I’ve never seen an artist for whom that is more true than Willie Stratton. At Wednesday’s Lilah Kemp show at The Khyber, he pushed the microphone away and his voice still filled the room. Last night, when the drummer, Magnus, took the guitar to play one of his own songs, he told the sound guy, I’m not going to be playing as loud as him.

This guy is going to be huge. Very soon. You all bought his album when I told you last summer, right? Probably not. You probably didn’t watch his music video when I posted it. Don’t feel bad. I don’t watch all the videos you post either. But this is 47 seconds of the song, True North, which I shot myself with my iPhone from the front row. You have 47 seconds. Here’s my music critic line: If you love Mumford & Sons, you’ll love Willie Stratton. You’ll wish this video was longer.