Canada is a nation of singer-songwriters. That’s not always as simple as Gordon Lightfoot and his acoustic guitar, but even though there can be more than a dozen people on stage when Broken Social Scene plays, they’re all singer-songwriters, too. We’re at our best when we’re telling our own stories.

Steven Bowers is a little more Lightfoot than BSS. He has the folk sound, with the banjo and the story songs, namechecking Pliny the Elder and extinct First Nations peoples. He has Norma McDonald to sing with him, and you know how I love a boy/girl duet. (Buy her albums here!) The two of them are even touring all the way to the west coast. Sadly, I will still be on the road coming north from LA when they stop in Vancouver. But if they’re coming to your town, you should see them. If they’re not, Steven Bowers has two albums–Beothuk Words is the newest–and an EP on iTunes you can buy. (PS Have you read about the Beothuk People? It explains so much about Newfoundland.)