I’m writing in the morning. Yay. I’m working late shift today because both Elizabeth and Virginia are out. I love late shift in the toddler room. I get to work at 9, and all I have to do is an abbreviated round of diapers, just the early kids. Then I get to hang out in the nap room, where I’ll be able to do all of my folding of the zines. Then I can cut them on my lunch break. I love the late lunch break. There’s almost no one else up in the staff room. Hopefully we can get the kids out in the morning, because it looks like it might rain later today.

It’s too bad that the lineup for New Music Friday looks to be decidedly hip hop, soul, rap. I didn’t get out to the gallery yesterday because the weather was so awful. I didn’t get much done at home either. I had to leave home because I never felt right there. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to ever settle down and make my art. Now that I’m less than two months away from leaving, I feel the same here. I really want to try linocut printing again. I haven’t done it since high school, though I’ve thought about it a lot. I even have a piece of lino at home that I bought from the Kwantlen book shop. I wonder if that stuff dries out or if I just need to go buy some carving tools and make something. I have a ton of ideas right now.

Before I forget, my white Brooklyn Tweed bracelet just broke and fell off. The blue one might go, too. They’re tied with just double knots of the single thread, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop for a few weeks now. They go in the shower. But here’s my idea because I don’t think yarn is strong enough for something like this. Kitchen string, crocheted up into a single chain, then dyed all sorts of colours. I could sell them for a buck in a big bowl at craft fairs. Which, again, reminds me, I really need to find out how to apply for the Honeybee Festival again.

But stamp ideas. I want to make a big General star. Something bigger for the front of the zine, but also something bigger that I can make prints of. I like the idea of letter-size cardstock, cut in half, and printed. That’s a good size to put in a frame. That’s a good size I could sell for $5. Easy to make. And I think something like that would fit into the envelopes I have.

I want to work my way up to doing a linocut of the Cameron House. Other ideas: other, simpler houses from my sketches, fruit, lobster, hockey, cameras, tools, like: sewing machine, printer, computer, but my sewing machine, my printer, my computer. The tools of my trade. I think a Cameron House eye.

One of my secondary goals when I write these is to write it in one shot, meaning no distractions, as defined my 750words, which I think is a pause of 3 minutes or more. But I already have the undistractable badge. It’s just part of this process for me. I think, in part, I don’t believe I can do it if I don’t do it like this, without stopping, don’t let your fingers leave the keys, don’t worry about the words, just keep writing. I mean, I have to go back to fix mistakes. I’ve tried before, to not let myself backspace, but it’s actually longer that way. A quick tap of the backspace button is as much as part of my workflow as the spacebar. It feels unnatural not to fix mistakes. Right now, undistractable is red underlined and staring at me, taunting me. I think it must be a word, but maybe not a dictionary word? Because it’s definitely spelled correctly.

A few things I want from home when I go back to the west coast: my box of art tools, my books, the papermaking kits from the basement, that desk in my room which I stole from my mom, my Martha magazines, other things I’m forgetting at this moment, but which will come to me.

I want to buy a button making machine, linocut carving set, lino, obviously, and all the rest that is actually necessary: brayer, ink, baren. I think I want to take a class, too, though maybe not right away. I want to buy a letterpress machine, but that’s way in the future.