I needed to get out of the library. It wasn’t working for me this morning. So I walked down to Historic Properties, got a hot chocolate and a cheese scone from Two If By Sea, and grabbed a table to write. Then I realized that I can’t do my 750 words without an internet connection. This is one of the weird things about developing a habit dependent on the internet. It’s so pervasive that you don’t ever think about it being gone. The other problem is that I’m ready to write my 750 words right now, and I can’t. Not really.

So I created my first ramble file since January and started writing. Behind me is a group of business girls talking about jobs. In front of me is some douche-tastic business dude interviewing a wannabe douche-tastic business dude, and now they’re talking about swimming with the sharks. I hate that TIBS is in the same space as the Subway. Subway doesn’t taste bad, but it smells awful. What are they putting in their bread that it smells that awful? I want to stick around and write a lot. I want to write at least a thousand words.

I wish the TIBS in Historic Properties had opened earlier. It’s (nearly) the perfect space to do a Taco Bell-style writing group. Not at noon, though, obviously. This place is filling up fast. I can’t believe how many people eat out for lunch every day. I was agonizing over buying a hot chocolate and scone today because it’s been less than a week. It’s all business dude and gals in here now. I might have to head home. I need to write those 750 words anyway, and I’ve just about got 300 here right now, so that would make more than a thousand on the day.

And that’s before I get to the novel.