I wish I could do this earlier. I like the idea of Morning Pages as a way to clear your mind in the morning and be able to write the rest of the day. Doing it at night feels pointless. Yay you wrote 750 words. Then you went to sleep. And you spent most of the day thinking, I should be writing. That’s no good. But I am not a morning person. I wish I was. It would make a lot of things easier. Today, I woke up before 8. I read the internet until my alarm went off. Then I went back to sleep.

Granted, I only slept another 40 minutes. But I could have spent that time getting my 750 words out, then working on my novel. Now that I’ve passed that 50k mark, I really need to finish it. But I don’t feel fired up. Because I can see all the places it needs work. It’s daunting. Like, if it’s this screwed up now, what is another 20k words going to help. I just have to keep telling myself that somewhere in that next 20k words is the ending I’m looking for, have been looking for.