I love that I can hear the noon gun from my apartment. One of these days, I have to go up to the Citadel and see if you’re allowed to watch them shoot. It’s a nice reminder, when I notice it, to get up and out of bed and go do something. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to the craft fair. I really should. But they always make me feel awkward. Especially when you have to pay to get in, then feel like you have to spend your time. And I really shouldn’t be buying anything. But I want to see what people are making.

It’s also quite a walk. It’s way past the Commons. Once you get up Spring Garden, then the walk isn’t that bad, but, man, what a hill. They should call Halifax, not DC, the city on the hill. This works out OK, though, which is why I’m going. Because it’s gorgeous out there. It’s bright and sunny, and I hope it’s warm. I’m just going to wear my cardigan. I’m going to take my sketchbook and my camera. I’ll go to the craft fair, then spend some time at the Commons.

I haven’t done that enough. It’s a lot like Stanley Park in that respect. It’s there, right in the city, and I keep saying I should spend more time there, and don’t. That’s my new resolution for when I get back to Vancouver. Get to the Art Gallery and Stanley Park once a month, at least. I’m renewing my membership when I get back, and I might try to go once a week. And the Surrey Art Gallery, too. Get out there more often. A month really isn’t that long. That’s a weird thought.

I want to do a life drawing class once a month, probably Dr. Sketchy’s. See what kind of classes I can take at Kwantlen. I’m probably not going to UBC in the fall. That’s only a little disappointing, and that’s a revelation. Every time I get even close to doing a master’s degree, I start to rebel and look at small business classes and rediscover old loves. As soon as I got that BEd application in, I took up drawing again. That’s not a coincidence. I love the idea of school. But that voice inside, it knows better.

It’ll be easier when I go home this time, though. I’m not completely sure, but I think Sophie is looking to try something independent, too. I think I’ll be better at this with a partner. Especially a partner who can talk to people more easily and knows the business stuff. That email where she suggests we start our own zine fest. Weird, and out of the blue, and inconclusive, but it gave me more hope than I’ve had in a long time. Because I know that I’m not suited to a regular full-time job. We’ve finally figured that out.

I love my job right now because it’s a mix of regular hours–two days a week–and on-call, covering-vacation hours. Right now, I’m working three days next week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. And that’s OK. Even though I have less than $200 in my bank account and I need to have rent for June, that’s OK. I’m not worried. I wish I could focus more on etsy right now, actually. I’ll get better at that balance. At this point, I still feel like these are days off, days to recover, rather than another work day when I need to be working to make money.

I need to get the next issue of The General Review out. It doesn’t matter that we’ve only sold one. We need to get on a regular schedule. We want people to look at our back issues and want to buy them all. Once we get a few months out there, we can put them together in packs for people to buy. The General Review Starter Pack. The General Review Subscription. We’re not ready to sell that yet, but it’s on the horizon. Right now, it’s about putting May up for sale. Then writing June, then July. July might be a little late. We can definitely write it, but I might have to wait until I get back to Vancouver to print and post it. If we set the release date for the 10th. It’s mostly a matter of writing and printing and photographing. The hard part’s been done, and now we just fill in the blanks.