My secondary goal with 750words is always to write it in one session. That’s part of why I put it off so long. I have a compulsion to open new tabs and refresh pages and just check. 750 words takes at least 12 minutes. Lately it’s been taking as long as 16 minutes. That’s typing nearly non-stop. I don’t fault myself quick moments of thinking, but I try to keep my fingers moving. Keep typing, don’t stop. Just let the words fall out and only go back to fix the typos you can’t stand to look at.

It’s a really good exercise to find out where your brain is at any particular moment. I’m still thinking about the novel. That’s a good thing. I still want to be writing it, and eventually, I’m going to trick myself into a few hundred more words and then another 10k and then a rewrite and then it might even be done by the end of the year. That’s totally possible.

This is Friday. I have three writing days until I have to post a Sunday word count. I actually just forgot last weekend. I was going to post it, whether I got the 50 or not, but I completely forgot. Because I stopped posting. I got out of the habit. But I’m back on the wagon. I’m back on the path. And if I can come back after too many months of not posting my word count with a great big number like 50,000, that’ll be a huge motivator to get this thing done before I leave.