Last night, at the end of a rambling entry, I wrote just enough good words to push my novel over 49k. This weekend, I know I can push it over 50k because all I need is less than a thousand words. If I’m getting about 300 every night from these writing exercises, it would take me 3 days to get 900 words. Tonight, tomorrow, Saturday. That’s 50k. I really wish I knew the exact date I started writing this novel. I’ve looked back at creation dates on my files, but they don’t quite add up. I think what happened is that I opened Scrivener and started a document just to start a document. Then, eventually, it became this novel, but the creation date is off by weeks, if not months.

I definitely didn’t start writing this thing for real until I got to Halifax. Maybe I started it in the hostel? Oh! I could look at 750 words entries from around then. When did I stop last? Hmm. Because November 2010, I tried to write the Camp Shakespeare thing. Then I was coming up with Five Things prompts for what doesn’t really have a name right now, so I just call it Five Things. Then I tried to cram it all into one big story. Then I scrapped it all and start all over.

I don’t even have a notebook to look back on for dates. There might be something in that unbelievable pile of paper over there, but god knows if it has a date stamped on it. Right now, all I know is that if I can take a first draft home with me at the end of June, I will have accomplished something big. I will have accomplished what I wanted to do which was break past all of the obstacles and barriers I’ve created over the last 10 years after high school. Over my entire life, probably, but let’s work on the last decade first.

I have always wanted to write a novel, but I’ve never been able to write a novel. I can write stories, but not long, sustained narrative. And that’s still mostly true, but it hangs together, even in its current sorry state, better than anything else I’ve ever written.

I’m not going to get 300 words for the book tonight, but that’s OK. I figured some stuff out, and that’s important, too. I have a better idea about where I’m going. I have a better idea about how I’ll get there, and that’s the best feeling of all. Still 300 words a day is a good goal moving forward. I’d go ahead and write it right now, but I have tea waiting, and Day One open in the menu bar, and I need to get dressed and go line up to see THE AVENGERS.