First day of the May challenge, and I’m putting it off, putting it off, putting it off. I’m watching Criminal Minds instead. It’s still just a procedural, but such a good procedural. I really love the characters, and I love how they love each other. The last episode had a coda scene with all of them at Rossi’s house, making pasta. It also had MGG in a striped t-shirt and blazer. He also has an amazing haircut this season. He had it cut short in season 6, but now it’s short on the sides and long in the front and very hipster ’50s. He and Garcia look good standing next to each other. But, she has Kevin, who is so adorable. Nick Brendon has gone really grey, and Kevin has cool ’50s glasses. So I’m watching Criminal Minds again, but I’m really just stalling writing my novel.

Every time I get a little bit close, I have lots of time to write this, but I’m still watching, and I’m not distracted, but not focussed. I’m just writing tonight. I don’t have a plan. I need more plans. I have a better idea about what I’m writing for the novel, where I’m going, but I still don’t know exactly what I need to write. So far, the last couple hundred words I’ve added have been good, but rambly. Not exactly narrative, but not quite scenes. And I just keep dumping them into his into a single file in Scrivener. It’s the way I should be writing this whole novel. just writing and telling myself the story. throw it all into the pot and sort it out later. OK, so, where am I going with this thing?