So this book arises from both love and laziness: love, because I spent my twenties scouring the globe thinking there had to be a better city out there, until it dawned on me that Vancouver is the best one going; and laziness, because I thought I was going to go mental explaining dim sum, the sulphur pits and Kitsilano for the umpteen-hundredth time.

Doug Coupland, on City of Glass.

I’ve spent all day thinking that the best way to do what I do best is to start a single-serving blog of photographs and essays about my favourite city, to carve out a place where I can regularly write about this stuff, rather than blurting out a couple hundred words of feelings at you here, in between Aristotle quotes and Canadian indie music videos, and then I remembered that Coupland already did that in a book, and that the reason I make the art I make is half his fault anyway.

Anyway. I’ll get back to you when I find a good domain name.