By making the de facto statement that no work of fiction last year deserved their award, they almost seem to want to undermine whatever credibility they have to award it in the first place.

At The Morning News, Tournament of Books commentators Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner look at this year’s lack of a Pulitzer for fiction.

This is the best thing I’ve read about this ridiculousness, and this line made me laugh:

I imagine getting a consensus about art among any 20 people is difficult. And I very much doubt the Brontë sisters ever agreed what the best book was in any given year.

I don’t think much of awards (and even less of the Pulitzer after season 5 of The Wire), but who wins what really isn’t the point. Especially with books, when so many are published every year and so many sit ignored on the shelf. The long lists and short lists and eventual winners are really just a way for people who love a good sentence, a good story, to tell the world, Hey, I liked this. Maybe you’ll like it, too. And if twenty people on the Pulitzer board can’t find one book they want to share with the world, that’s their problem, not ours. We’ll keep writing.