i always do this: leave it to the last minute, then try to type with one hand while laying on my side. but it’s comfy. my neck hurts every other way. and my ass still hurts from the fall.

i’ve pretty much decided to get my tattoo done here in halifax before i go home. it works out wonderfully. this is where i needed to be to figure out that i wanted to be in the city, that i wanted to be in vancouver. there’s a place on quinpool that has the best reviews, but i like the name of port city tattoos better. the artist looks really good; he even has some lettering up in his portfolio. the shop seems so new, i’m wondering if he’s actually a spin-off from the old shop. it’s such a small tattoo, it shouldn’t be that expensive. less than a hundred bucks is my guess, but then you factor in tax and tip and it might go over. but that’s what i’m willing to pay.

i’m thinking now a lot about other tattoos. i never used to do that. i always knew i wanted words on my body; i was just never sure which ones. now i’m thinking about a tree, a tower, maybe the woodward’s w. i’m thinking about a nautical star. but i don’t know. let’s do the first one first and see where we go from there. maybe the first one will kill me.

i don’t know that it’s a fear thing. i’m certain it’s at least half a commitment thing. you have to be very sure about what you want to make permanent on your body. i’ve been thinking about look, there lies the city! since i read paterson in 2007, and i’ve been thinking about it as a tattoo since the beginning. not all of my favourite lines are potential tattoos, but this one was. it’s just everything i love.

it’s literature, american modernist literature. it’s a great line, well-written. it has punctuation. it’s from a source i love by an author i love. it’s about the city. that’s my single serving blog right there. look, there lies the city! i just haven’t figured out exactly what that blog is. i could just start something where i reblog photos of buildings i love. i could turn it into a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/mostly comic, my tree and tower comic. i could make it private and post every day. most days, let’s be honest.

i could collect great literature about great cities. we’re still writing stories about cities because we haven’t figured them out yet. the great gatsby is about look, there lies the city! too. that’s what the green light is. that’s where the vanishing city lies out beyond the horizon. i have a handful of quotes collected in an nv file. but i don’t know exactly what the blog is yet.

i went back to the beginning of daring fireball, and i could barely read it. he had a completely different voice back then. i like the new one better, but, then again, i like thinly veiled contempt. i love how gruber really doesn’t care what you think about him. he could care less. he just wants to tell his story and get his facts right, and if you find a mistake, tell him. he wants to fix it.

but i suspect, even though i know how things changed, i suspect merlin had himself and his blog better figured out when he started 43 folders than when gruber started daring fireball. merlin had been around longer. hell, he came from livejournal. he knows some shit. and when he started his productivity blog, he knew how to do that, too. he did his homework, but also, he had time to develop his voice.

that’s what lj taught me. it was a safe space, a long time to write and post and not worry too much about who was reading. because almost nobody was. nearly ten years since i made my first post and thrust myself into the internet community. merlin has a rule: write every day, post at least once a week. he advocates writing, writing, writing, but then take a moment, look around.