Unfortunately, I’m not thinking about my novel. It’s still sitting open in Scrivener in the background, but I haven’t seriously looked at it in two weeks, since I went home for Christmas, really. I’m stalled, but I’m also at a big turning point that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’m at that point where I know things have to change, but I’m not sure how to change them. I also know that I should just keep writing. I will get back to it. I will work on it tomorrow.

Right now, instead of thinking about my novel, I’m thinking about The General. Which is really awesome that I’m thinking about it again. That’s why I can’t feel too guilty about not working on the novel. I’m working on The General. I’m stoking the fire, keeping it alive. Little by little. We’ll get this up and going soon. We’re getting closer. I’m getting closer to figure out what we can sell and make some money.

I wrote about this yesterday, but it’s top of mind and I haven’t figured it all out yet. I want to sell ephemera. I want to sell baked goods like ephemera. I have this idea about cigarette girls from the first half of the last century. Except outside the club, not inside. Carrying a box of cookies up and down the line of people waiting to get inside. Selling them something to eat before they go out to drink. Maybe they’ve had dinner and they didn’t spring for dessert. But a cookie is cheap. A scone is cheap. And we’re right there with fresh baked goods. Individually wrapped in wax paper with a printed sticker. A big pinwheel star and the website wrapped around in a circle.

Baked goods like ephemera is about baked goods to go. It’s what you grab in the morning before you get on the bus. It’s what you eat after school. It’s what you eat at 2am after a show. It’s probably not something particularly healthy. It’s an indulgence, but that’s OK because it’s small. You’re not buying a whole cake, a loaf of bread, a dozen chocolate chip cookies. You’re buying one, maybe another for your boyfriend. Individually wrapped. Envelopes and wax seals. Labels and stamps.

For some reason I’m only at 400 words. I can’t believe it. I figured I was almost done. I think it’s because I’m listening to a podcast at the same time and if I don’t go faster, I’m going to lose my streak already and it’s only the second day, but if I do go faster than i can do this, I’ve done this before, I just need to keep typing, keep writing, keep thinking about the General and what the General is going to be in the future, I really hope it’s going to be a little shop, a really little shop I actually like that better than some cheap space in an outlet mall I love in Halifax how there are shops inside old residential homes, that really appeals to me, it’s like a pop-up shop except it’s in your living room, I keep wondering if I could do that for real in my apartment because it’s really in the perfect place, it’s on the main street, it’s on a commuter path, it was cold, and I wanted to set up a lemonade stand out front, except I wouldn’t sell lemonade, I’d sell hot chocolate and hot coffee and baked goods for all the people walking home from work in the cold and thinking about what they’re going to make for dinner when they get home, but here’s something right here, right now, and I bet a lot of people would appreciate putting down a few bucks on something good, something homemade.