There’s this thing where I use the ramx file to spit out word count at the end of the day. I don’t want to use it like that anymore. Not that I won’t, sometimes. But it’s only 9:30, and I’m going to get my thousand words when I finish watching DW Conf. It’s just that I don’t need the ramx to get my daily 300 words.

What I do need it for is a place to dip into nvALT and write some notes. This is my new notebook where i write everything. Not everything, per se, because I have a todo file that has been working great for me. I have my lists. I have my novel-specific note files. But sometimes I have ideas that don’t have a place just yet. They might become something later, but they’re not something right now. They’re not something with a title that fits into my nvALT taxonomy. What I need is a scratchpad. That’s the ramx file.

I’m watching Louis CK give what amounts to a eulogy to George Carlin. He’s absolutely the funniest comedian working right now. I really need to get around to watching his show. See, that right there needs to go on my todo list. BRB.

George is the guy who first threw out his act and started all over every year. Sure, maybe there are some brilliant jokes in there, but starting over gets you somewhere deeper. Louis says that idea changed his jokes and changed his life. I think it’s good advice.

There are a lot of ideas and writing I’ve had hanging around for nearly as long as Louis CK’s 15-year-old act. It’s a classic example of killing your darlings. You need to move on. You need to dig deeper for something better.