I’m not sure how many words I’ve actually written today. Not as many as I wanted, but more than the metrics are telling me. I did a big reorganization of the notes. There’s a prompt for every state but four now. I’m so close to 20k I can taste it. I can get there this weekend. Tomorrow is a day off. I’m sure of it. First, though, I’m going to finish the RFK bio. Get it done, then I can get back to reading. I have this big stack of MG books from the library that I can dip into whenever I need a break. They’re much more like popcorn or M&Ms. They work like an actual reward for writing. I’ve noticed that I can’t read and write at the same time. I mean, concurrently. But perhaps I can write one thing and read something completely different at the same time. Concurrently.

Dashes. That’s how I get anything done. I need a timer on my computer. Maybe I can use the iPhone. Write for 10 minutes. Read for 10 minutes. Get up and dance around my room for 10 minutes. Then start over. I could get a lot done that way. Structure. Because what I end up doing, even if I don’t have internet access, is dicking around. I end up fixing iTunes metadata. I end up renaming my text file taxonomic system. But if I can get myself on a schedule. I know I can write a lot in 10 minutes. And I can read a decent chunk, too. But it’s the oscillating that’s important. You can’t block out an hour and say, OK, I’m going to write and I’m not going to stop. But 10 minutes is nothing. I’m doing a 10 minute exercise right now, though I’m not sure it’s 10 minutes, I don’t know if I’m long or short, but I have 350 already, so it’s safe to say that I can stop whenever I like.

Of course, I want to keep rambling about my brilliant ideas. I have at least one a day. I wish I knew a way to implement them all. But ideas are easy. That’s what the rest of the world doesn’t understand. I wish I could finish just one of my brilliant ideas.

The difference between a writer and a person who wants to be a writer is a million words. In my lifetime, I bet you, I’ve written more. But what good are a million words if you can’t find the ending?

The difference between a writer and a person who wants to be a writer is finishing. That’s all there is to it. Word count doesn’t matter, except when a teacher wants a particular number. A writer writes. But a published writer finishes.