Nobody makes Gruber laugh like Merlin. Maybe Amy, but they’ve never done a podcast together, so I wouldn’t know. This needs to be a whole show, though. I love The Talk Show and I love Back to Work, but Dan needs to put Gruber and Merlin together on a weekly basis. It’s half an hour in and they haven’t talked about anything but fruit, cereal, and Disney World. It’s delightful. I just always want more Merlin. He could talk 24 hours a day, and it wouldn’t be enough. I can’t wait for his book. I can’t wait for all his books.

Tonight, I need word count. I missed yesterday. I fell asleep way early and completely unexpectedly. And now I want to do something stupid like take on another job for the weekends. But having a second income would really help out. I make enough to live, but a little more would be comfortable. I don’t want to have to worry. I also don’t want to put anything more on my credit card right now. I have to start paying it down again. I have to finish this book so I can start looking for an agent, so I can start getting paid.

I need to keep writing. There are a few places where I feel like I need to rewrite, and it feels like it’s holding me back. The whole point of the structure I’ve set up is that I just keep going. Pick a new state, and write something brand new. It’s a lot like this right here. Like my rambles. I write about how I can’t write. I just keep making new paragraphs, writing until I can push the word count over 300.