I don’t need my ramx file to make word count today. I have 839 words in Scrivener so far, and I want to get Massachusetts done tonight. But after moving my 750 words archives into discrete files, I’m inspired to keep up a writing practice, even if there’s no one to keep me accountable. I’m listening to the GETTING THINGS DONE audiobook, which is inspiring for fresh starts. My whole system needs to be here in nvALT. I have a lot of projects, but not really. I basically have one project for each aspect of my passions. I am writing a novel. I have an etsy store. I want to open a bakery. I want to publish zines. For each of these, I have blogs to go with them. Sometimes, I just need a place to ramble and think aloud.

Today, it’s Tom in Mexico. I like the name. I like that I have separate names for everything. It was a mistake to try and turn factsarenothing into my etsy store. It’s been the name of my personal tumblr since 2007, and it should stay that way. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff that gets posted there that is etsy-related, but that’s to be expected. The shop blog needs to be only the shop blog. I think I’ll buy the domain. That helps to make things permanent. We’re still not giving up on The General. (I also need to take some time to think about what we can sell for The General.)

For Tom in Mexico, there are photos, and I know I can dig up some other media: videos, quotes, stories, lyrics. But I want to have news and posts, too. I need to figure how I want to do that. It might be worth it to write posts to go with the stuff I’ve collected. Talk about how I discovered it, how it fits in with the aesthetic, what I’ve used in my actual work.