To whom it may concern,

Sam’s job is to stand in the wings when John Hart on stage and bring him water when he needs it. His job is to stay out of the way. Except Senator Hart is running for president, and working on the campaign is never out of the way.

When Sam meets Martie, staying away from the camera becomes a problem. There’s the one around her neck, the one in every voter’s phone, and the one turned on the senator and following the bus all over America. He’s already been warned by the campaign manager: stay away from that journalist, Sam, or I’m kicking your ass off this bus.

Martie makes the first move at the Democratic National Convention. Sam makes her a deal instead: wait until after the votes are counted. After Senator Hart is President, nobody will care who Sam wants to kiss.

If he’s going to make it to November, Sam has to keep up with their fierce and tiny social secretary. He has stand back and watch his best friend fall in love with one of the geeks in social media. He has to make sure they don’t lose their best pollster in every hotel bed from Sacramento to D.C. He has to convince Martie they’re worth fighting for.

Sam Hunt has to do all this and get a good man elected.

HUMAN EVENTS is a 65,000 word novel about falling in love on the campaign trail.