I start to find myself in need of a place to ramble again, so I’m starting something new. Not having internet access in my apartment means I’m not doing 750 words anymore. Of course, I wasn’t doing it before I left either. I don’t remember now why I stopped. I think it had something to do with NaNoWriMo. But a ten minute writing exercise isn’t about taking away from “real” writing. I’m still getting a lot of that done. I think maybe I can get my novel to 13k words tonight. Which would be awesome. When I did do NaNo, I ended up with almost 15k, and I don’t remember when I quit. It was less than halfway through the month, or, no, maybe not. Because about a thousand words a day makes sense. I’d have to look it up and probably on the NaNo website. All I know is that I have an unfinished draft of something that I hope will actually be something someday.

But at the moment, I have this thing that I’m absolutely in love with. The problem, though, is that I’m rambling with the novel, too. I’m rambling the plot, rather. I have a good structure in place, and that helps. Today, I realized that I need to be using my notes as prompts, the pieces of reference I’ve been picking up here and there and also from forever ago. I realized, yesterday, I think, that the pieces of the internet that I’ve been collecting keep getting recycled. Because they all inform each other.