Carina accepts anything more than 15k words. That is completely doable for me. That, right now, is my goal. I have a whole host of stories that could easily be expanded into 15k novellas. Because, as I’m discovering right now, 700-1k words a day isn’t very hard for me. Something clicked, some kind of switch inside me has been turned to on, and I’m writing more than I ever was before. I have a handful of completed stories. In that they have beginnings, middles, ends, characters, plots, settings. Most importantly I’m going to say it twice, they have endings. If I can keep this up, if I can just double that daily amount, I can get my short stories that have no place to go, to novellas that can be published.

I know I spent today looking at anthology submissions. But it’s exactly why those stories were rejected last year, and exactly why I left academia, too. I don’t like the way I have to write to get published. Just like I don’t like the way I have to have a novel of a certain length to get an agent. That’s why ebook publishers are so amazing. They’re opening doors for so many more writers. And, it seems to me, that if something happened to flip a switch that moved me up from short stories to novellas, than writing more novellas may just flip a switch to get me writing novels. Getting novellas published may lead to something else, may lead to an agent reading something and liking it. You can’t know until you try.