1. if you do nothing but listen to other people, you become a human xerox machine; if you listen to no one but yourself, you become an island.

Merlin Mann

I found myself in one of those moods today, where I write three pages, and then suddenly decide I don’t know what I’m doing. But I do, and sometimes that reminder comes from my amazing friends, and sometimes it comes from the internet, and then I go back and write three more pages. It’s just a thing that I do.

  1. The song “Hollis and Morris” on their first album, refers to an intersection in the nearby city of Halifax, and not an intersection in Antigonish as previously speculated. John-Angus has mentioned during concerts and in the online Trews diary, that the corner of Hollis and Morris is notorious for prostitution.

Wikipedia. This is now literally down the street from me.

  1. To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.

Somerset Maugham

  1. Lulu is giving authors one free copy for every new book they publish until the end of July. That feels like incentive.