The other day, I took an accidental Skytrain tour. Usually, my trip from the suburbs downtown follows the same route. We call it the Expo Line now, the same way we call Star Wars A New Hope now. A job interview took me down the Millennium Line, and past my old stop, the one that got me up the mountain to university. I couldn’t remember if I had seen these other stations before. When the Skytrain opened, just before Expo 86, there were only 15. It didn’t cross the river then.

I used to be able to name them all. (King George, Surrey Central, Gateway, Scott Road, Columbia, New Westminster, 22nd Street, Edmonds, Royal Oak, Metrotown, Patterson, Joyce, 29th Avenue, Nanaimo, Broadway, Main Street, Stadium, Granville, Burrard, Waterfront). Now, I don’t even know how many there are.

I still love it. I mean, I still don’t drive, so I have to love public transit, but sometimes I wonder if I would know this city the same way from a car. Or a subway. There’s something to be said for exploring a city on its street level, but Vancouver looks amazing from the sky.