So, it’s raining.

It’s not true that it’s always raining in Vancouver, but it does rain a lot. It’s been raining all day. When I went to work, late this afternoon, it was coming sideways. The kind of rain that goes up your legs. When I came home, just a sprinkle. The kind of rain that people in Vancouver don’t bother pulling our umbrellas out for. Sometimes, on busy streets, it feels like a game of chicken. Who’s going to go first? Who can’t handle a little water?

It’s still raining now. Not quite enough that I can hear it pound on my roof or tap on my window. But I can see it falling past the orange streetlight across the way. Tomorrow, I’ll smell it on the grass and the concrete and the cedar at the mill next to my bus stop. I’ll wear my Doc Marten boots and carry my umbrella in my bag because I love the day after a rain.