Earlier, I was watching Glee online, streaming from the east coast feed. That’s not what this story is about, only that I had to sit through the American commercials, the kind we don’t get on TV up here. I’ve never seen this Kindle commercial on a Canadian station, even though that’s a Canadian band, a Vancouver band, The New Pornographers, providing the soundtrack.

On most days, if you ask me, I’ll tell you they’re my favourite band in the world. Other days, it changes, but the Pornos are always my favourite Vancouver band. Even if they don’t all live here anymore. Even if they’re not a band in the rock and roll definition of the word.

Five singers, two keyboards, the producer plays bass, Neko bangs the tambourine, and Bejar only comes out on stage to sing his own songs. Bejar doesn’t tour with them, either, so a fan’s best chance to see the whole Pornos line up is a Vancouver show (I hear New York shows are good for that, too, but New York is the exception to every rule). I’ve seen them live more than any other band. In an old-fashioned dancehall, a too-big stadium, a comfortable theatre, and outdoors, in the middle of Stanley Park. I’m going to miss my favourite venues, and my favourite band, who doesn’t like to tour much, but every city makes its own music.

On those other days, I love Joel Plaskett best. He sings and plays guitar and writes concept albums, and where I’m headed is where he calls home.