i listened to a lot of podcasts today. my favourites are studio 360, which are short audio documentaries about american pop culture, the moth, which are stories told live by regular people and sometimes celebrities, and the talk show and back to work, which are gruber and merlin, respectively. i love american pop culture, as well as documentaries, i love storytelling and am more and more convinced it’s a dying art.

the great thing about their shows is that dan just gets out of the way and lets them talk. he doesn’t have to do much with merlin, just turn on the mic and start recording. gruber needs a push sometimes. but i already love what they have to say online that it only makes sense i would love what the have to say when they actually say it.

the moth is a lot like what i’d like to do, except their mandate is other people’s stories. which are awesome, but i want to record my own stories. i kind of want to record fiction. and can i sell it? can you sell podcasts or do they have to be free? that’s a really good question actually and one i don’t have the answer to.

i want to do more self-publishing. not in the vanity way, but in the put out little stuff a lot kind of way. just release little things, stories, zines, anecdotes even. more often. and cheaply. like the audio drabble craze that swept fandom back in ‘03. i remember recording little stories while waiting for the ferry.

so i need to do a few things. find out how to publish podcasts to itunes and whether i can charge. figure out the best way to publish ebooks. and there was something else, but now i really can’t remember it. that sucks. i wonder what a magazine would sound like if it were audio. start out with little asides, weird facts or favourite songs, then the feature story, or maybe an editor’s letter first, and then a recipe at the end. that would be really cool, wouldn’t it. i want to watch merlin’s old most days videos. try something like that maybe, but audio. and how well does the recorder app record and also, can you export as an mp3 or whatever.