Three is the third solo album by the Canadian indie rock musician Joel Plaskett. In addition to being released as a triple album, the number three is reflected in several other aspects of the album. Each disc has nine songs on it, many of which are titled with a single word or phrase repeated three times. The album’s release date of 3/24/09 also consists of numbers divisible by three, the cover features an image of Plaskett holding three fingers up, and preorders through MapleMusic were distributed with access to exclusive tickets, priced at $66, which would entitle the purchaser to a seat in the first twelve rows of Plaskett’s concert at Toronto’s Massey Hall the night before the album’s release. According to Plaskett, the discs tell a story of “going away, being alone and coming home”, with each disc representing one of those three themes. In June 2009, Plaskett released a followup EP, entitled Three More, which contained three songs not featured on the original album.

Wikipedia: Three (Joel Plaskett album)

PS Joel was 33 when Three came out.