I still feel behind, but not criminally so. Definitely some cleaning and clearing type stuff I have to do before Mom and Dad get home. I have to figure out what to do with those pears.

Easing into an all-nighter. I think I do this to myself because I enjoy the release that comes after all the anxiety. Well, it’s as good a reason as any. Just reading a little fic, then I’m gonna write my 750 words, then dive into the assignment, which, honestly, won’t take me that long at all.

YouTube – The Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon (Video)

One of my favourite things about writing dialogue is liaisons. C’mon and c’mere and wanna and lemme. It’s the way we sound when we speak, and the way I want dialogue to sound in people’s heads when they read my novel.

C’mon, c’mon is also a rock and roll thing. I remembered The Von Bondies song this morning. Then, listening to Transatlanticism and wondering if I could write a whole novel in the space of that song, the bridge came, and I had forgotten that, too. It’s c’mon c’mon.

MuchMusic still plays The Wedge, like holding on to the last vestige of that brief moment when alternative music wasn’t the alternative. Also, they’re playing these old school-style CK commercials. It’s like the mid-90s up in here tonight.

I put things off and put things off, but they still get done. It’s horrible motivation to keep me doing the same thing again and again. Managed to write my CIS midterm in less than two hours. Now I finally have a day off, and just one assignment due Thursday. Remember to look tomorrow to see what it actually is. But, honestly, I’m gonna spend the day in my pajamas, on the couch, listening to music, eating pancakes, playing with Scrivener, and getting my novel to a place where it’s easy to bash out a few hundred words a day.

Just bought Scrivener. I’ve been thinking about it, putting it off like I couldn’t afford it. But it’s an amazing app which I loved during November, and now that I’m looking for ways to collect all these pieces of writing and of research, it’s worth the forty bucks.

The Day One reminder is also a nice reminder to quit stalling and write my 750 words. I didn’t quite make it last night. Close, more than 650, but I started too late. I put it off, like I put off everything. I need to sleep.

I’m not freaking out about assignments. I just don’t care anymore. Honestly, right now, all I want to do is read The Social Network. It’s changing my novel. So I’ve decided: no more TV and movies. Period. I’m not even going to watch Doctor Who, not until it’s all done, and I can do it in one day. My characters need to stop changing, which means I need to stop consuming other characters. It’s going to be tough, but it’s worth it.