tonight is one of those nights where i just make my fingers move and hope that something comes out that actually makes sense and maybe i wont even use punctuation maybe ill just keep typing but the thing is that i type so fast because ive trained myself and not using apostrophes is weird i probably waste more time making myself not use what comes normally than just using because punctuation is just like letters you can’t take it out of the word it’s a part of the word just like the letter the syllable the sound ok i’m just a little distracted at this moment because it’s the warblers doing bills bills bills which i don’t know i don’t really like well certainly not as a song i would listen to on my iphone but watching it is so much better oh my god darren criss is amazing they were so lucky to discover him and i hope they signed him to a kickass contract to hang on to him before he rockets to fame also the private school thing works it’s an added bonus of cute guys who sing and dance and wear ties and peacoats oh my god finn facepalming hopefully tomorrow will have a few surprises i mean i know hiatus is hard but it went out on a high note with kurt and blaine’s duet not only adorable but groundbreaking too and it just happens to be one of my favourite christmas songs i want stories about college and the two of them living together and being fabulous together and blaine is a high school teacher and kurt works for a fashion magazine and also makes clothes on the side and they both do some shows in their free time and sometimes blaine plays open mics where he plays guitar and his own songs that not even kurt knows that he’s been writing