I’m rewatching Homicide: Life on the Street. Watching, really, because while I have seen a lot of these episodes, I have never seen them all, and never in order. The third season starts with Bolander and Lewis and Munch, about sex on TV and where, not only TV is headed, but news and newspapers and culture in general. This is October 1994, and David Simon didn’t write this particular episode, but every word out of Munch is a word you’ve heard out of Simon since. This is just the teaser, about two minutes long, a human moment in the coffee room before the murder. Before the credits, Bolander turns back in the doorway, he says, I wish they’d bring back Hawaii Five-O.

I hope Simon’s enjoying the new Hawaii. I am. I liked the old one, too (noon on weekdays, KVOS, when I was sick and home from school). I also like Homicide. But I hate how it feels like these things have to be either or.