Levon had the vision, and Robbie wrote the songs, and Garth made the sound, and Richard had a contradiction of a voice, but Rick made The Band. He was the centre, the thing that all those extremes could hang on to, keeping them together long enough to make a few albums and play a few shows. Before it was even over, he already had the best post-Band song. This is the one he plays off a tape in The Last Waltz when Scorsese asks, what’s next? Rick almost seems sheepish, unsure, because he didn’t have the vision or the songs or the sound or the voice, but he was the first of the five to say, fuck it, and put out an album all his own. A solo album that also includes guest appearances from every other member of The Band. Because, even when The Band is no longer The Band, Rick Danko finds a way to keep them together.