(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

For the month of November, the purpose of 750 words really has to be jumpstarting my Nano writing. This is where I ramble to exercise. Both my brain and my fingers need the daily session of just moving so that I can write something brilliant afterwards. I’ve forgotten this. I was trying to use 750 words to do the actual writing. But that’s not the way it works. Here, I don’t stop. I just keep typing. Whatever’s on my head.

Honestly, what’s on my head right now is The General. We keep poking at it, but we haven’t figured it out yet. And that’s OK. Neither of us have the money to do anything about it anyway. But the idea is there, waiting, growing, solidifying into something real. I think the biggest problem is where we are right now. Not just in different cities, different countries, but in cities that, while they may have the audience for something like this, are also quite inhospitable to something like this. They’re just really expensive cities to live in. But if we started something like this in Charlottetown, would we still get the same response? What does the hipster population of Charlottetown look like, I wonder? I know I’m going to end up there eventually. I think it could even happen by the end of next year.

When I’m ready to move out, why not move out all the way? All the way across the country. I don’t want to hang on to this job forever. It’s why I haven’t signed up for any kind of pension plan. I want to make some money and learn lots about sewing, but I don’t want to do this forever. I want to be able to afford a place to live where I can also write. Because that’s where I want to make my money. If I can write a book a year, do some craft shows, and work a couple of days a week in a food truck, that would be my dream. Everything I love the most: words, fabric, and food. In a small town, with a few close friends. Dinners around a big table where every one has pitched in to cook. Nights without TV, but with good music and great books. Maybe we have a regular place where there’s live music and live books. Maybe that place is our place in a few years.

But right now, my needs are few. I just need the plans because I’ll get there eventually. I just wish I could figure out the direction. What can we bake that we can sell over the internet right now? What can I write than I can sell to a publisher right now? Where can I move and make a new life for myself? I need to do a lot more research about PEI. I need to find some blogs. Yes, that’s it. I need to know more, not about the facts, but about the people. What is the population really like out there? Can we make it the new Portland? Because I love Portland and I love Seattle and I love Austin and I love San Francisco, but I love Canada, too. I don’t think I could ever really live in the United States. Europe, absolutely, but not the States. Liberal socialism is far too important to me.

I want to find a neighbourhood on the verge, where it’s still cheap enough for the starving artists, but where people are starting to take notice of the art they’re making. The place where I want to live hasn’t been discovered by hipsters yet. I’m a little older than your average. That alone makes me not quite a hipster. I like baking, but not cupcakes. I like art, but not antlers. I like music, but not Pitchfork. Still, I think we have a lot in common, and I think they’re still my number one demographic. I don’t cater to them as an audience, but I know that they’re my best chance. That’s why I still think about Seattle and Portland. I still wonder if Victoria is a good starting point. But I want something new, something brand new. I want to see the other side of the world.