(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

I don’t know how long it’s taken me to get to 600 words, but I only have 5 minutes left to get to 750. I can do it, I just can’t write it. Like I keep saying, I can type 750 words in 12 minutes, but I can’t write 750 words in 12 minutes. It takes much longer than that. I don’t even know how long it takes, because I haven’t yet written a whole 750 words entry this month. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing, isn’t i? I’m supposed to be using this momentum I’ve been building since the end of July to write 50k words this month. But it’s proving harder than I imagined. Which is a good thing, I suppose. I need to be pushing myself.

I should be reaching 10k for Nano tonight, but I don’t know that it’s going to happen. It’s not going to happen officially, anyway. But I don’t have to get up super early tomorrow. I can stay up another hour to write. I can see if I can just keep writing, find my way to a thousand words or so. That’s all I need to break the double digits. I don’t even want to look at the rest of the draft. I know there are huge tense problems. I think there are continuity problems. There are things I’ve changed that I already wrote one way. To make this thing readable, I’m going to have to pull it all apart, then put it back together again. I think that’s where Scrivener is going to be most useful.