(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Less than half an hour left in October. Which means less than half an hour until November. Which means less than half an hour until Nano starts. The plan as I think it right now is write here until the site tells me to reload, then reload, and start writing all over again. I want to get a thousand words done. I’ll probably get a thousand words now, on this side of the month, but of course those don’t count. But it’s a nice running start. The plan as it is has me writing a thousand words in the morning and a thousand words at night. A few more are always welcome, and I’ll be writing at least double that on my days off.

I have a list of 60 prompts, with more character-based prompts in reserve if I need them. 60 thousand words is practically inevitable at this stage. If I can push for more, I will. I want this thing to be 80 thousand words before I even think about sending it to publishers. Or my query, at least. Which still needs work. But I suspect the work it needs will have to be done at the end of the writing process. I haven’t figured out everything about my story because I haven’t written my story yet. So I don’t know what the major conflict is, what the key obstacle to overcome might be. It hasn’t presented itself, but I know it will. I have faith. I have faith because I’ve seen it happen before.

I used to call my style vignettey. Because what I write are small pieces of a larger whole. I just never get around to the whole. I have plans–I have ambition–what I need to work on is the followthrough. I write in ‘verse. Ha! That is awesome. I love it. There’s the play of in ‘verse/inverse, there’s the universe thing, there’s the verse equals poetry. Oh, that’s pretty awesome. I might need to claim that tumblr or something.

I should update my fiction writing blog. I kind of forgot about it this week. Facts are nothing, fiction is everything. I like it. I hope it’ll be my blog going forward, as I start publishing for real. Facts are nothing is going to last my lifetime, I’m sure of it. I love the format, I love the name, I love that I can go away and come back, and I never feel like I need to start again to make things even. That’s been my problem with blogs before. If I set out with one plan and it went another way, I’ve been compelled to start all over. But not this time. Facts are nothing has lasted almost 4 years now. That’s some kind of record.

I still have four minutes, and I’m already to a thousand words. See, it’s easy to type a thousand words in half an hour. Where it gets hard is making those thousand words worth it. You have to make each word mean something or else it’s just gibberish.

OK, I lied. I’m not going to start writing Nano right away. I’m going to do the worst possible thing anyone trying to write a novel could do. I’m going to watch TV instead. But, I’m sorry.