(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

COming p to te absolute last mintue that i can start typing and still makei 750 words. I’m going to try not to backspace. i think i may even try not to use the shirft key. i’ll just type and type and type and type. i don’t even want to look at the screen because i know it’sl bother me if i see the mistakes i’m making. all i need to see is the word count going up. see, the thing with nano is that it soesn’t matter when you write the words. you can keep going after midnitght and they still count. not after november 30th., of course, but you know what i mean. iwith 75 0words, thought, it only counts if you write the words on the right day. i’m writing ftonight. i don’t much feel like it. tomorro is going to be an all writing day. i’m goignt oto get this outline set. i have a ton of prompts, i just need to organise them count them, too. i hope i have enough to get tme to 50k words. actually, i haope i have enogh to get me to 60k words. that would be awesome. i think, if i can write 60k words in november, i’ll put the thing aside for the whole of decemeber, then come back to ist in january. do a full revision, that’ll take january. then see where the word count is. hopefully, it’ll be higher, but if it’s lower, then i’ll spend february writing more. i’l have lots of practice by then. and february is just 28 days long. at least i think it is. maybe next year is a leap year. i don’t remember when the alast one was. after i tfinish writing in febrauary, i’ll revise again in march. then, start sending out queries in april. that’ll be amazing. to go from idea to manuscript in just a few months. i’d count how many months that is, but i’m only at 330 words. i ned to keep typing. i need tyo ramble tonight so i can write something decent tomorrow. i’l want to get my 750 words donw in the morning, too. i should try harder to do tem in the mornings. i just want to lay in bed and put off getting up as long as possible. and i;m not sure i can type on my piphone fast enough to write 750 words in the morning. oh, that reminds me, i actually wanted to write 1000, didn’t i? i don’t think i’m going to make it tonight. it’ll glet me keep going, but none of the words witlll count, and that sucks. that’s what’s so hard about being a writier, it’s almost ocompletely without accountability. i need to tell more people about what i’m doing in november. but, then again, i don’t know ifpeople actually care. that’s always been my problem with all of my art. i’ve convinced myself that i’m the only wone who cares. i can’t even find the type of art i make in galleries or magazines. i’ve looked. ok, sometimes, rare times, i find things i find interesting. and the best times are when i find things familiar. but it’s not what’s selling. it’s not what’s on the charts or on the shelves next to the register. you’ll have to go looking for my book. it’s never going to be in a place when re you just stumble upon it. i’t’s never going to be a movie or a tcv show, as much as i might wish. maybe i need to wrish a little harder. maybe i ned to turn myself around and think, yes, it is going to be a bestseller. it is going to be made into a movie, or a tv series, if i’m lucky. yes, i’m going to get a chance to write more books. yes, i’m going to be paid tob be a writer. yes, i’m going to move far away, build my own house, on a big piece of land, and also have an apartment in the city. and i’m mgoing to make my own life.