(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Instead of just rambling, today I plan to write about my novel. Not write my novel–I’m saving that for November–but write about my novel. I still have so much to figure out. I need at least 120 scenes if I’m gong to write 2000 words a day. That’s 500 words four times. That’s about what I can work with. It’s like tricking yourself into writing more than you think. 500 words was easy. I could knock it out in about an hour, and that was at the end of the day, after I had procrastinated my ass off.

This time around, I’m motivated. I need to write this novel because I need to sell this novel because I need to not be working this job anymore. The worst part is that I’ll be here another six months at least. I won’t know anything before that. But if I can get a rhythm going, I can get my ideas down and ready to be sold. I could, potentially write six novels a year. One month writing, one month revising. That could work, right? We’ll have to see how November goes. I might be getting ahead of myself. I have to write the first one first.

I’m gonna get to that first one in a moment, but I really need to do some thinking about the blog. I should have a blog for writing. It should be public, but maybe I’ll just post the chunks as private. I have no idea what to write, what it should be about. I don’t want to write about writing. It’s the worst way to kill my motivation. It’s also pretty boring. But what should a writing blog be about? I don’t think I’ve ever read a good one. I don’t read a lot of blogs of authors. Because I read books by authors, I suppose.

Inspiration is he main thing I guess people want to read about. I know, for me, I want to read the stories behind things. Inspiration for characters, places, settings. Is the point maybe to collect this stuff now, but not to release it until the book is real? Like DVD extras–they do the work during the movie, then it comes out after. Well, let’s focus on the book first, huh? How can I release DVD extras if I have written a word yet?

That’s not completely true. I have written quite a few words of the novel, but none of them count. Not yet. I’m just rambling, like this. I’m working on figuring things out. I need to know who my characters are. I need to know what they’re going to do in all the situations I’m gong to come up with. More than 120. It’s a bit daunting, to be honest. I’m working on a spreadsheet, making sure my protagonist has a scene with each character at each moment in the story, but I’m still not quite sure where the story is going.

I don’t know why plot is so hard. It’s just story, but characters have to change and grow, and I need a climax. That’s a really important one I haven’t figured out yet. Is that the first kiss? That just seems obvious. Just like I don’t want it to be opening night or a dance or another cliche. But it has to be something big. It has to be something. That’s how every book gets written, right? Something happens. Except this time, it’s completely up to me. I want to reread Nick and Norah’s. For structure. God, I hate structure. Even more than plot, it’s the part I can’t figure out. Things can’t just happen to people. They need to happen in order and for a reason. I almost want fewer characters to deal with, but, no, I’ll want them all in the end.