(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Every day I get a little closer to figuring this novel out. It’s exciting, actually. More than I thought it might be. I think it’s finally an idea I really love that I can sustain an interest in. And by this time next year, who knows? Maybe I’ll have an agent and a contract and an advance on the next book. Right now, though, all I have is pieces. It’s loose leaf notes pinned to my wall. It’s random ideas in a Simplenote on my phone. It’s a blog that I just started today because I think I need an outlet. It’s private, but it’s a place to put the story every day that has a time attached to it. It needs to get out of my head and into the world.

A Google doc isn’t going to be enough. I can tell already. Besides, I can’t edit a Google doc on my phone. Now I can take this story with me everywhere and make sure I get it done. Just like 750 words. It’s in the cloud. That’s how I collect things now. So they’re always available to me. I can just keep them open, poke, write, delete, then go back to watching YouTube videos for half an hour. It’s how I’m going to get this novel done. I don’t even feel halfway there, but we’re not halfway through October yet, so there’s no need to worry. Just keep plugging at it. I added a bunch more scenes today. I pinned down some specific Shakespeare references that I want.

I should build in some fluffy and future prompts to help during NaNo. When creating characters from scratch, you basically have to throw out the first bunch of words you write because they’re all backstory. It’s all just working things out. Things that are important inside your head, but not necessarily in the story. Things that will come up organically, or they may never come up at all, but will sit underneath the story. In the subtext. That’s the hope of every writer everywhere, right?