(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Time to start writing again. I haven’t done much today, but you know what? I have done some. I did do a bit of poking at stories. Tomorrow, I’ll do a little more. Maybe I’ll take another look. It’s little bits piled onto little bits, and eventually it becomes something bigger. Well, that’s the hope, at least. I feel like I don’t have as much time as I used to to write, but I’m more motivated. That’s the thing. I was always more motivated to write in classes, on buses, at shows, basically anytime I was doing something else, I wanted to be writing. And I would. Classes are where I did all my best work. But now I don’t have anymore classes and now I don’t have any time at my job to write.

But it’s not going to be a problem. I’m not going to let it be a problem. I’m going to keep writing whenever I can. It’ll be easy because I’m not going to watch as much TV this season. It’s secretly why I love British TV, too. It’s easy to decide not to care, but then it’s just as easy to catch up again when things look interesting. I don’t have to worry about Sherlock for a year at least. And I don’t yet know when the new Doctor Who is starting. I still don’t know anything about the new series of Torchwood, either. We are getting a new series, right? Is it too much to ask that Steven Moffatt write that as well.

Television has always been my downfall. I’ve always loved it too much. I justify that love these days by calling it research, even though it really is. It still makes me feel guilty. But if you want to know anything about dialogue or structure, watch TV. That’s where they do it best. TV is a writer’s medium; film is a director’s. That’s why shows are created by writers, not directors. It’s why films are mostly adaptations, sequels, and remakes these days. Or reboots. That’s the new thing, and I still can’t believe they’re rebooting Spiderman so quickly.

I was saying just the other day that it’s a shame Harry Potter is a movie series and not a TV series, but part of my disappointment comes from the fact that they’re so iconic already. There’s no way we could reboot Harry Potter so soon. It’s a shame because we know now how amazing a miniseries could have been. A long miniseries, maybe even the length of an American TV season, but with a definite plan, and most importantly, an ending. An ending in sight. That’s what all TV needs, and almost no TV has. Even when creators say they have an ending, they’re just lying. Chris Carter said it, and then ran the X-Files into the ground long past the point he promised to stop. I think Kripke said something similar at the beginning of Supernatural, which just goes to prove how much he really did copy from The X-Files.

Hmm, it looks like tonight’s gonna be close. I need another hundred words to make my word count, and I only have four minutes to make it. I know I can do it, but I’ve kind of run out of things to say for tonight. I’m just so tired, and I want to sleep. I wish I could make myself fall asleep sooner than midnight. But I get on the internet, and I just have to see everything. I know I’ve fallen behind, so I need to catch up. The internet really is just one big game you have to catch up on. And it never stops. I keeps coming, and the only thing you can do is scroll faster. Read faster. But I want to know what the internet says.