(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

I always seem to remember at 20 minutes to go. Still lots of time to write, but I still put it off. Because this is the only time of day when I’m doing just one thing. The only thing I’m doing is writing. That’s a weird feeling for me. I’ve grown up in a world that privileges the multi-tasker. We believe that’s the way to live one’s life. It’s not. It really shouldn’t be, and I should try to do something to fix it. Having the iPhone is even worse, because now I can watch media on my laptop and do other things on my iPhone. Before, I used to make the screens small to fit, but now I can watch full-screen. It’s pretty bad. I’m trying to read, watch Inception, and write all at the same time. Guess which one I’m not doing.

I want to try directing. I’d never really considered it until Dad suggested it. And I think he did it in a joking, but serious sense, too. Like, wouldn’t it be crazy, but wouldn’t it also be great? The Playhouse really does need new blood, and new plays, but in the form of old plays. They need new ideas and, honestly, smarter people. That’s the saddest thing. I don’t believe anyone there is smart enough to get Shakespeare, and that’s why they avoid it. They’re scared. The Bard is always the excuse I hear. Why do Shakespeare when Bard does it so well every summer? Well, yes, they do do it well. But that’s summer, and there’s a lot of year left after that. So you don’t do Shakespeare during July, August, September. So you do it during Winter.