(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Nearly missed this deadline. I didn’t realise how late it was. Lots of time to do the actual writing, or typing, as I should really refer to it, but I almost fell asleep. I want to fall asleep. Just spent the last hour playing iPhone games. I love this thing as a games console. Because I am not, in any definition of the word, a gamer, but I do enjoy video games. It’s just that the video games I enjoy are usually just games I enjoy. I want to find a Yahtzee knockoff. I love dice games and word games and trivia. I do well with those kinds of games. I don’t want to shoot things or explore CGI landscapes. I don’t need amazing graphics; I need amazing strategy. And I need the thing to hold my interest a long time. I wonder if there’s a Mario emulator. I’ve already had trouble finding my favourite games. Because there are a lot that are out there, but not a lot that are great. Not even a lot that you would expect to be. Isn’t it crazy that I couldn’t find a Tetris knockoff. Is it just that it’s too well known.

I’m starting to have trouble keeping up the thread of the conversation, or essay, entry, rather. I don’t know. What do we call these sessions. I just say it’s my 750 words, which is certainly going to be 750 words today. I don’t have the energy for much more. I’m not even to 300 words yet in what’s written. It’s funny. I always want to love the characters. It’s just that plot is often boring. And it often proves how dumb the characters–the writer!– is. It’s often convoluted (see: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). It’s often telegraphed. I wonder if it’s that way, or the opposite. Am I too big to get into those pants?

Every time my eyes slide shut, I’m actually a little bit asleep. And I write weird things, because I’m not all there. That’s what is going to make these fun to read in ten years. Maybe more. Maybe someday, a scholar will be writing a thesis and he’s come across this section, and I offer whatever he wants to do. Now, not only is the content meaningless, but it’s also about a long wait. I honestly don’t know where the plot went. I don’t even remember now if I saw his face, or if we’ve just done so much more this year, that it feels like that. The Latter. This is the way to do the get to Queen’s house. I’m not all surprised. Nice! I need a moment to regain myself. I’m not sure how this computer works.

I don’t even know what I’m typing right now. I jealous. But I need to keep typing. I have no idea where this door is. I can leave my case here, right? A small boy, The school had been pushing physical fitness. There are definitely some spaces in the graph for today’s writing. And it’s deinitely pointed at the toe and showing a bit of heel. That’s about where we were. I only have a couple of hundred people come into the story. Not on the first day, of course. At least I hope it’s my turn.

This is fucking crazy. They’re grammatically correct. That’s the weird part. Because then my brain takes the inseam measurement. Everything else. I feel bad about making them try them all on.

This doesn’t make any kind of sense. That’s what dreams are, right? Constant experimentation. I just know with kind of craft fair. Right in the middle of a sentence, things change. Who is changing things? I don’t know. Most of the time, we can figure out who sits where and who gets some coffee, and who need more sleep. Me, I need some time to sleep. I need to stop typing, any minute now, and just close my eyes and sleep and I don’t my dream. OK, so they’re stopped being grammatically correct. My fingers just stop now. And I completely lose the train of thought because I’m doing those days.

This makes no sense, but it is a lot of words long, and if you maybe need to write more story, then you can do that.