(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

I need to write this one fast, not because I’m running out of time, but because I don’t want to put it off to the last minute again and because I need to catch a bus very soon. I hope today is my last day of work for a while. I’d like more than one day off. I’d like to work just one day, not five. But I don’t know how this job’s going to work out. I hate how anxious it makes me. It fills so much of my brain and my stomach. It can’t be healthy in the long run.

Having this weekend off will be so nice, if I have this weekend off. At least until Saturday, which is good. I want to write. I want to sit on the couch, or out on the deck if it dries up and the sun comes out, and read. I want to get started on this new big project that could have a novel at the end of it. As much as I want to write my other projects, I haven’t been able to.

So I want to try that again. See how it goes. By my math, the word count at the end of 12 months, if I can keep on track, will be far over 150 thousand words. Which is incredible. That’s not a novel–that’s many novels. That’s a series. Maybe I could write a series. Or just one big one. Because the way I’m going to write, I think it’ll be a fast read.

I want to write it episodic. Like TV. That sounds weird, but that’s what short stories have become. TV episodes. Or maybe TV episodes have become short stories. I’m not sure. I just know what I like to read, what I like to write, and how I know I can get my words out. This is how. The story is going to be very simple. Not a lot of action plot. Mostly character plot. Whatever that means in the end.

Getting together is the easy part. It’s the staying together that gets interesting. That’s where the real story is. I’m not sure yet what that real story is going to be, and it’s getting late. This is somehow taking longer than it should, and it’s almost time for me to leave and catch my bus. I’m gonna have to cut this one short, just get to the 750 words, and shut down, because I don’t have time to write to 800, get my shoes on, gather everything up, find something to eat, remember my water bottle, do I need an umbrella?, and then walk out there to catch the bus. I wish the bus stop were closer, but what are you going to do. You’re going to keep a better eye on the clock, because I can’t be late. There’s no other way to get to work, except that one bus. The next one drops me too late.