(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

When I work, my days feel so long that I forget that I didn’t miss a day of writing. It was so long ago that I wrote my last 750 words, that it feels like I didn’t. But I did. Just three days into September, but I haven’t missed one yet, which is good. I’m back on track, on a longer streak than when I missed the first time. I can do 100 days easy. Like I realised housesitting, it’s not the writing, it’s the internet. That’s what killed my streak. Not me. I can do this easy.

It’s just past 9AM. I haven’t showered yet, but I’ve eaten. I really need to get out of bed and get moving because I need to get errands done before I need to head to work. I need to take books to the library and buy a bus pass, and I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to do all that and get on the 364 to get to work on time. I have to catch the bus just after 10. That’ll get me to Newton Exchange at about 10:30. Safeway, then library, then back to catch the next 341. I think I can do that. I just have to be back to 64th by 12. Crossing my fingers. I’m cutting it too close, though.

I need to power through these words. That’s how I usually like to write them, but today, I don’t have much of a focus. And I really need to pee. That was a mistake. Can I go and get back within 3 minutes to keep me undistracted? Or should I just keep writing? Just keep going. I’m almost at 300, then I’ll be almost at 400, and that’ll be almost halfway through, because I do want to write 800 words today.


I had less than 25 words to go when my manager phoned and I got chewed out, in the nicest possible way, again. I just can’t figure out how I’m going so wrong. I think I might get fired.