(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

So, I bought an iPhone. I wasn’t really expecting to do it, but in the research I was doing, I just went ahead and bought it. Just 159 for the actual phone, and 50 bucks a month. That’s a pretty good deal. It’s the brand new iPhone 4, too. With the amazing camera, front and back. With the new design and the high def resolution screen. And I needed a new iPod anyway. I’m going a little crazy on the bus without music. So why not just go straight to the iPhone. I was going to need a cellphone soon anyway.

But what it means is that while I wait (not too long I hope! Before Saturday, please?), I’ve spent most of today looking at iPhone apps. Looking for recs lists, which are surprisingly hard to find. Why doesn’t Gruber publish a list of apps he loves and uses? That would be so helpful to me. But I have some in mind. I’ve had some in mind since the iPhone came out. I’ve been wanting to buy one forever, which is why it was so easy to do it this morning. Now that I know I have regular money coming in, it makes it so easy.

There are a few apps that I know I’ll want before I’ve even used them. Instapaper, Shazam, Simplenote. Those are probably the biggies. Then there’s the stuff like CBC Radio 3, and The Peak has an app, too. The Canucks and cycling, so I can actually keep up to date on this stuff, rather than never catching highlights on the news. I’d love to see if there’s a concert app. Not every venue separately, but maybe something for Vancouver. We’ll see how the Happening app works. I want to be able to read (Stanza) and write (Simplenote) and listen to music. Those are the important things. Maybe some looking up on Wikipedia, but you know the biggest thing about the iPhone isn’t going to be having all that information in my pocket. It’s going to be as a device for instant capture. Photos immediately sent to Tumblr, and ideas captured, and connections made. That’s what it’s all about. I don’t imagine I’ll be using it much for actual phone calls. Maybe Grandma.

For now, I’m daydreaming about carrying one camera, one computer, one notebook, one pen, and they’re all the same thing. Isn’t that amazing? I want to try carrying just the iPhone for a month, at least. No notebook, no pen. No cameras. No books. God, I can even read Leaves of Grass for free on this thing. I think I’ll actually read a whole lot more. I hope I’ll write a whole lot more. I’m excited. The critics against Apple always accuse them of being a company that creates consumer products. You do real work on IBMs, but on Apple, you just surf the internet. That’s so not true. Sure, you do real work on IBMs (and their myriad clones), but Apple is for making art. Because the outside is as beautiful as the guts. It inspires you and aids you at the same time.

I want to save up for a MacBook next. I want to pay down my credit card completely first. Then start saving. Pay down that student loan, too, God, I wonder how long that’s going to take. That’s the amazing thing about Canadian federal loans (at least I think it’s the federal one left. But even if it is the provincial one, it’s all the same). You can be more than six years out of school, still paying down your loan, but they’re not coming after you like they do in the States. Freddie Mac and Sally Mae. I don’t even understand those names. Are they just randomly chosen names for faceless insurance companies to put on a nice demeanour? That’s just despicable, if true.

I hope I write more. I hope I read more. I hope I get out and do more. That’s a big one. Not a goal, as such, but I can see how I hold back. I don’t know why that is. Sure, I spend a lot of time online, but that doesn’t mean I’m addicted? I honestly can stop any time. While I was housesitting, there were long stretches without the internet. I would still think of it first. When I wanted to confirm a spelling, I would think of going to the internet first, Google, in particular. But I would always figure things out myself in the end. That’s how it’s supposed to be, right?