(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

Three days in a row. A new record. Or, rather, an old record renewed. It’s harder to write these every day when it’s not my computer, and not my time, and not my choice when. I liked doing it first thing in the morning, when I woke up, sometimes even before I had checked anything else. Before email or reader or tumblr, I’d write. That was a good way to start the day. And they are called morning pages, after all. That’s the point.

We are what we repeatedly do, and what we do first, we will do all day. I liked the thought that I was setting myself up for a day of writing. It hasn’t worked out that way. I was hoping to get lots done during this spell of housesitting. I love having my own space. Ugh, I haven’t even opened my typewriter all week. I haven’t pulled out any of that stuff, and I really should. I want to get some zines out. I mean, it’s harder, now that I don’t have access to a photocopier (main reason I want an office job!), but I still want to get some zines out. The first facts are nothing before the end of the year. Also, something in the cycling genre, and something about the Olympics. Before the end of the year. When’s the end of the year? How many months is that? September, October, November, December. Four. That’s a good chunk of time.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. Oh, I need to check the Chapter’s site for how to apply, but now that I think about it, I can’t do that on this computer, if they want me to upload a resume. I’m gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Oh! I can download White Collar tomorrow, but still want to check if I can watch that on some channel today. I should be able to watch it somewhere, right?

This guy in the library on his cellphone was talking really loud and made me lose my train of thought. I think I was going somewhere before with the zine thing before I started remembering things I need to check.

I want to start a regular facts are nothing zine. About anything and everything. Something about sewing and making and menswear and baking, even. A General zine? I don’t know what I would write in a General zine. My big problem with the General right now is that online food culture is all about the weird stuff, bacon, cupcakes, or recipes. I love bacon, but the rest is bullshit. I hate cupcakes, I don’t care about weird stuff, and I don’t use recipes. There seems to be no online food culture for experts. It’s all based around amateurs. Honestly, most food culture is based around amateurs. The Food Network and magazines and even restaurants. It’s all about discovering new food and techniques and cultures, rather than expanding knowledge.

The General is talented. He’s an expert. That’s why he’s a general. He’s not just some guy who likes to cook. He knows how to cook. He knows how to improvise, because that’s what generals need to know. How to cook in the field, how to make the most of the ingredients he has, how to keep his men fed and healthy.

So here are some things I’ve been thinking about making. Dried herbs is a big one. Easy to grow, easy to make, easy to ship. Easy to add to any number of other products. Salt, sugar, flour? I don’t know how that works, if anyone’s ever done that. Taking that salt, sugar, flour, and making cookies. Super simple shortbread. Just sugar, flour, butter, pinch of salt. That’s it. No fancy decoration. No fancy shapes. Probably circles. That works best in the oven. Squares, though I love them, never stay square. Batter is like water, it moves into the easiest shape. It wants to be a circle.

I want to make salt. That’s easy, but there are still doubts. I can swim in the water, right? Why can’t I make salt out of that water? Go out deep and fill a big bucket. Filter through coffee filter or cheesecloth. Boil down until the water is gone. I wonder how much water makes how much salt. It’s the kind of thing where you just have to try. There are a lot of things I want to do that I just have to try.