(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

I missed another day, but that’s fine. The key to forming a habit isn’t breaking down every time you miss a day. It’s about letting yourself off when you need to. It’s not my fault. Well, a little, but mostly not. In my situation right now, having access to the internet every day is not a certainty. Yesterday, I chose Shakespeare over keeping up my 750 words streak. It was the right choice.

It wasn’t my favourite of the productions I’ve seen, but it was the right choice. The last day, a beautiful day in Vancouver, and my favourite summer tradition. So, in that sense, I chose one streak over the other. It’s been, how many years now? Let’s count. Last year was MacBeth, done Goth. (Is Goth capitalised or not?) Before that, Romeo and Juliet as street gangs. There was Much Ado About Nothing as WWII. That’s probably my favourite production. I love that era, and the Beatrice and Benedick were excellent. That’s always how I judge a Much Ado. The same way I judge a Romeo and Juliet by the Mercutio. Oh, there was an As You Like It in there somewhere. After the Romeo and Juliet, before the MacBeth. So, is that four years in a row I’ve seen free Shakespeare on Granville Island. That sounds about right. I wonder if they have archives on their website.

This production was Taming of the Shrew, and, oh, it seems I didn’t count that one. Five years. Which explains why so many of the kids are familiar to me now. They’ve been with the program for a while, moving up in the ranks, from the corps to the lead roles. I’ve never seen Shrew before, only the modern teen version: 10 Things I Hate About You, which I really want to watch again now. Not just for this, but also for the added bonus of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I wanted more from Inception than what it gave me. I was so disappointed when it devolved into any other summer blockbuster. It had potential to be a great contemplative movie with action sequences. I’m not saying get rid of them completely. But it could have been an Oscar contender. It might still be–this year has been awful for movies, pretty much across the board. But, ugh, Dicaprio was awful.

He has been awful for a while now. He’s always chosen such odd projects. I fell asleep trying to watch Gangs of New York last night. I think there’s a reason JGL and Tom Hardy are the true breakouts of Inception. This is not Leonardo’s picture.

But it does bring this little ramble around back to the beginning in an oddly serendipitous way. Leonardo is still my favourite Romeo. I still love Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet so much. It’s the one I judge all others by. Yes, it hit me at just the right time. I was in grade 10, and completely ready to fall in love with something. It just happened along.