(This post was originally written on 750words.com. It has been edited.)

This is my problem with the short stories. It seems like the way to get started in publishing, but I keep writing backstory. The more I grow to love these characters, the more backstory I want to write. The story threatens to grow. But I know that I can’t make it a novel. I can’t make anything a novel. It’s the most frustrating thing about my writing. I’d love, just once this year, to break 10 thousand. I know I can write the word count, but can I write it all together? That’s the challenge. I think a lot about how to get published. I’ll keep at the short stories, because there are deadlines and subjects, even themes. A lot of it is laid out for me, and I know what I want to read. I have a good idea of what they want to read. I have to figure out how to put the two together. As awful as that rejection felt (I couldn’t even open the email right away; I just knew), I got an idea of what doesn’t work. What the editors don’t want. But now I have two stories back in the rotation. I should take a look at them again and see how they fit into upcoming challenges. I should open the doc and close every other tab. Just work on that today. Turn off the internet, even, or, well, that would kind of screw with the saving, wouldn’t it? That’s the problem with writing everything in Google Docs. But I love it so much. I can work on my laptop, I can work on the big computer. I feel great comfort knowing my ideas are with me whenever I want them.