We were an outing family, more than an activities family. I was a Girl Guide, my brothers were Boy Scouts, and we all played soccer, but I remember more the hikes, the road trips, the parades, and the festivals that we did together. The Dragon Boat Festival was, first, just another something free to do on a weekend. Dancing and costumes, ceremonies and food, and, of course, the boat races on the water. But then my dad’s company started a team, Team Basilisk, and suddenly, we were travelling all over Western Canada for races. I don’t think we ever went back, after my dad changed jobs, after we got older, and things got busier, harder. But that’s what made it the perfect thing to do with my dad this Father’s Day weekend. The food isn’t as good as I remember it, but my dad says he got shivers watching them paddle. He wants to do it again.