I love that we have whole channels devoted to food and cooking, but I don’t watch Food Network as much as I used to. The biggest reason is that I’m a better cook (I’d include baker, but you don’t often see these celebrity chefs bake) than their demographic. I start to get annoyed around the third time Rachael Ray explains deglazing the pan. Mostly, I hate to see all that energy talking about food going into reality TV instead of a great scripted series. There are great books about cooking, great films, but even those seem few and far between. A television series is downright rare. KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL barely lasted long enough to count, but, oh, I wish it had. The kitchen is woefully underrepresented in fictional programming. But we’ll always have CHEF! (That’s their exclamation mark, by the way, not mine.) It’s a British series, so not many episodes, you understand. Savour them all.