1. Great Songs I’ve Discovered When Reading About Russian Futurism On Wikipedia

  2. The only thing I care about less than basketball is baseball, and, God, I hate to encourage Nike to sell more shit, but here’s a commercial soundtracked by Andre 3000 covering one of my favourite Beatles songs. I grew up in the ’80s; I am not immune to advertising.

  3. I can never be sure if I watched the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert live (as live as TV from across the ocean can be) or if it was just years later, watching a VHS taped off the TV. I was only 9 when Freddie died, but Queen was, and still is, my dad’s favourite band, and a huge part of my musical education. If I watched the concert then, I probably loved Spinal Tap’s performance, or maybe Bob Geldolf’s crazy green suit, but when I started to make my own opinions about music, George Michael’s version of Somebody to Love hit me hard. It still does. Anyroad. Here’s some rehearsal footage that I’ve never seen before, which is why the internet is a beautiful thing.