Things done! Stuff put into the garden, but not all of it. Stuff put up on etsy, but not all of it. But that’s the thing. It’s about doing litte bits because they add up to a whole lot. Also, applications into Pixar Canada of all places, as well as a more realistic tutoring centre. Open in a tab right now is the online application for CUSO, which is the Canadian Peace Corps. They do two-year stints overseas, which would be amazing. Just need to put together 500 words about why I want to go. The deadline for that one story due in June got pushed back to August, so I think I’ll set it aside because it’s going nowhere. Then I can focus on July and something new. Decided not to buy a bus pass this month, but a book of tickets. So I still get most of the freedom without the huge expense. iPod keeps threatening to die. I want an iPod Touch so badly.